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Labor Contract Law

Article 67 Employers shall not establish staffing firms to place workers with themselves or their subsidiaries. 

Section III Part-time Labor

Article 68 The term part-time labor refers to a form of labor for which the remuneration is mainly calculated on an hourly basis, and the employee's average daily working hours shall not exceed 4 hours and the aggregate working hours per week shall not exceed 24 hours for the same Employer. 

Article 69 Both parties to part-time labor may conclude an oral agreement.

An employee who engages in part-time labor may conclude a labor contract with one or more Employers, but a subsequently concluded labor contract shall not affect the performance of a previously concluded labor contract. 

Article 70 Both parties to part-time labor shall not stipulate a probation period. 

Article 71 Either party to part-time labor may notify the other party at any time to terminate employment. Upon termination of employment, the Employer will not have to pay severance pay to the employee. 

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