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Labor Contract Law

Article 61 If a staffing firm places an employee with an Accepting Entity in another region, the employee's labor remuneration and working conditions shall be in line with the standards of the place where the Accepting Entity is located. 

Article 62 An Accepting Entity shall perform the following obligations:

(1) implement state labor standards and provide the corresponding working conditions and labor protection; 

(2) notify the job requirements and labor remuneration to the employees placed;

(3) pay overtime wages and performance bonuses, and provide welfare benefits appropriate for the job positions;

(4) provide the employees with the training necessary for their job positions; and

(5) implement a normal wage adjustment mechanism for continuous placement.

An Accepting Entity shall not in turn place an employee with another Employer. 

Article 63 Placed workers shall be entitled to receive the same pay as that received by the employees of the Accepting Entity for the same work. If the Accepting Entity does not have any employee for the same position, the labor remuneration shall be determined based on the labor remuneration paid to employees in the same or similar position at the place where the Accepting Entity is located.. 

Article 64 Placed workers shall have the right to join labor unions through staffing firms or Accepting Entities or organize such unions in accordance with the law, so as to protect their lawful rights and interests. 

Article 65 Placed workers may terminate their labor contracts with their staffing firms in accordance with Article 36 or 38 of this Law. 

If a placed worker falls into any of the circumstances stipulated in Article 39 and items (1) and (2) of Article 40 of this Law, the Accepting Entity may return the worker to the staffing firm, which may terminate its labor contract with him in accordance with the relevant provisions of this Law. 

Article 66 Work placement shall generally be implemented in respect of job positions of a temporary, auxiliary or substitute nature. 

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