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What about the future of money?
"The main change we've been seeing over the last decade is the increasing electrification of payments", says Avivah Litan , Vice-President and Research Director of financial analysts Gartner . "Instead of using paper currency, or coins, or cheques, we're using more frequently plastic cards or transfers over the internet."

But that's only half a billion people out of a global population of more than six billion people. "You'll never get the total population out of cash, because there will always be a group of people that don't have bank accounts, so they can't get cards," says Avivah.

So, what is money?
"I think money is much more than the economic definition," says economics anthropologist, Keith Hart. "In ancient Roman times, money was part of the cultural repertoire of a society that needed divine protection." The word 'money' comes from the temple of Juno Moneta , in Rome. The mythology of Juno Moneta tells that she was "not only the source of money, she was also the mother of the muses; she was responsible for divine protection of the arts and sciences."

"In some sense, money represents everything we could desire," says Keith Hart. "It is the thing that gives us potential access to what we want. Like language, money is one of the two ways we have to communicate" - a major factor in the psychology of money.

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