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韦洛克拉丁语翻译练习 06 韦洛克拉丁语翻译练习 拉丁语 外语


翻译练习 10


1. Quid descipulae hodie discere debent? 学生们今天应该学什么?What do the pupils have to learn today ?
2. Fratres nihil cum ratione heri gerebant. The brothers were performing nothing with the reason.
3. Ille magnam virtutem laboris et studii docere saepe audet. That man always dares to teach great virtue of labor and study,
4. Hic de senectute scribebat; ille, de amore; et alius, de libertate. This man was writing about old age; that man, about love; and another about liberty.
5. Ex libris unius viri naturam harum indidiarum demonstrabimus. We will demonstrate the nature of this plot from the books of one man.
6. Isti soli victoriam nimis amant; neuter de pace cogitat. Such men only love the victory too much, neither they think about peace.
7. Ubi civitas ullos viros magnae sapientiae audiet? When will the state listen to any men of great wisdom? Where will the state hear of any men of great wisdom ?
8. Ex illis terris in hunc locum cum amicis vestris venite. Come from those lands in this safe place with your friends.
9. Post paucas horas sororem illius invenire poteramus. We could find the sister of that man after few hours.
10. Copiae vestrae utrum virum ibi numquam capient. Your troops will never capture either men there.
11. Alter Graecus remedium huius morbi inveniet. The other Greek will find the remedy of this sickness.
12. Carmina illius scriptoris sunt plena non solum veritatis sed etiam virtutis. The songs of this writer are full not only of truth but also of virtue.
13. We shall then come to your land without any friends. Ad terram tuam sine ullis amicis tum veniemus.
14. While he was living, nevertheless, we were able to have no peace. Dum vivebat, tamen, nullam pacem habere poteramus.
15. The whole state now shuns and will always shun these vices. Tota civitas haec vitia nunc fugit et semper fugiet.
16. He will, therefore, thank the queen and the whole people. Reginae, igitur, et toti populo gratias aget.


1. Cupiditatem pecuniae gloriaeque fugite. Avoid the desire for money and glory.
2. Officium meum faciam. I will accomplish my duty.
3. Fama tua et vita filiae tuae in periculum cras venient. Your fortune and the life of your daughter will tomorrow come into danger.
4. Vita non est vivere sed valere. Life is not to live, but to be well.
5. Semper magno cum timore incipio dicere. I always begin to speak with great fear.
6. Si me duces, Musa, coronam magna cum laude capiam. If you will lead me, Muse, I shall take the wreath with great praise.
7. Vive memor mortis; fugit hora. Live mindful of the dead; time flies.
8. Rapite, amici, occationem de hora. Snatch, friends, an opportunity from the hour.
9. Pauci veniunt ad senectutem. Few people come to the old age.
10. Sed fugit, interea, fugit tempus. But it flees, meanwhile time flees.
11. Fata viam invenient. The Fates (3人の運命の女神) will find the way.
12. Bonum virum natura, non ordo, facit. The nature makes good men, not rank.
13. Obsequium parit amicos; veritas, parit odium. Compliance produces friends, truth produces hatred. お世辞は友を作るが、真実は憎しみを生み出す。


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