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彼得·德鲁克-目标管理 彼得·德鲁克 管理大师


  1管理者,就必须卓有成效。To be effective is the job of the executive.

  2“认识你的时间”,只要你肯,就是一条卓有成效之路。“Know :Thy :Time” if he wants to, and be well on the road toward contribution and effectiveness.

  3卓有成效是可以学会的。Effectiveness can be learned.

  4卓有成效是一种习惯,是不断训练出来的综合体。Effectiveness is a habit;that is a complex of practices.

  5一个重视贡献的人,为成果负责的人,不管他职位多卑微,他仍属于“高层管理者”。The man who focuses on contribution and who takes responsibility for results,no matter how junior,is in the most literal sense of the phrase,“top management”.

  6谁必须利用我的产出,以使我的产出卓有成效? Who has to use my output for it to become effective?

  7有效的管理者在用人所长的同时,必须容忍人之所短。The effectiveness executive knows that to get strength one has to put up with weakness.

  8有效的管理者用人,是着眼于机会,而非着眼于问题。They focus on opportunity in their staffing-not on problems.

  9我们该知道运用自己上司的长处,这也正是下属工作卓有成效的关键。Making the strength of the boss productive is a key to the subordinate’s own effectiveness. 、

  10有效的管理者会顺应自己的习性,不会勉强自己。the effective executive tries to be himself,he does not pretend to be someone else.

  11.有效的管理者坚持把重要的事放在前面做,每次只做好一件事。They concentrate their own time and energy as well as that of their organization-on doing one thing at a time,and on doing first things first.

  12.管理者的一项具体任务就是要把今天的资源投入到创造未来中去。To commit today’s resources to the future.

  13.有效的管理者打算做一项新的业务,一定先删除一项原有的业务。The effective executive will slough off an old activity before he starts on a new one.

  14“专心”是一种勇气,敢于决定真正该做和真正先做的工作。Concentration-that is,the courage to impose on time and events his own decision as to what really matters and comes first.

  15有效的管理者不做太多的决策。他们所做的,都是重大的决策。Effective executives do not make a great many decisions.:They concentrate on the important ones.

  16有效的管理者需要的是决策的冲击,而不是决策的技巧;要的是好的决策,而不是巧的决策。They want impact rather than technique,they want to be sound rather than clever.   

17有效的决策人,首先要辨明问题的性质:这是一再发生的经常性问题呢,还是偶然的例外? The first question the effective decision-maker asks is:“Is this a generic situation or an exception?”

  18.要看“正当的决策”是什么,而不是“人能接受的”是什么。One has to start out with what is right than what is acceptable.

  19我们应该将行动纳入决策当中,否则就是纸上谈兵。A decision will not become effective unless the action commitments have been built into the decision from the start.

  20有效的管理者都知道一项决策不是从搜集事实开始的,而是先有自己的见解。People do not start out with the search for facts,they start out with an opinion.

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