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Labor Contract Law

Article 86 If a labor contract is declared invalid in accordance with Article 26 of this law, the party at fault shall be liable for damages for any harm or loss caused to the other party. 

Article 87 If an Employer revokes or terminates a labor contract in violation of this Law, it shall pay the employee double the amount of damages provided for in Article 47 of this law. 

Article 88 If an Employer falls into any of the following circumstances, it shall be subjected to administrative punishment; if such conduct constitutes a crime, criminal liability shall be pursued in accordance with the law; if the employee suffers any harm or loss as a result thereof, the Employer shall be liable for damages:

(1) force an employee to work through the use of violence, coercion or unlawful restriction of personal freedom;

(2) order an employee to perform dangerous tasks that would endanger his life in violation of rules and regulations, or by force;

(3) insult, corporally punish, assault, illegally search or detain an employee; or

(4) provide poor working conditions or a severely polluted environment, resulting in serious damage to the physical and mental health of the employee. 

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