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The Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China 中华人民共和国 China National Emblem of China National Flag of China

National Anthem of China

National anthem: March of the Volunteers, written in 1935, with lyrics by the poet Tian Han and music by the composer Nie Er, honoring those who went to the front to fight the Japanese invaders in northeast China in the 1930s. 

    Decided upon as the provisional national anthem of the new China on September 27, 1949, at the First Plenary Session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference ("CPPCC"), the song was officially adopted as the national anthem of the PRC on December 4, 1982, by the NPC.


March of the Volunteers

Arise, ye who refuse to be slaves!

Let us amount our flesh and blood towards our new Great Wall!

The Chinese nation faces its greatest peril,

The thundering roar of our peoples will be heard!

Arise! Arise! Arise!

We are many, but our hearts beat as one!

Selflessly braving the enemy's gunfire, march on!

Selflessly braving the enemy's gunfire, march on!

March on! March on! on!



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