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Effective Presentation Skills 

Welcome to LDBJ.com! LDBJ - Let's Do Business Joyfully.

Training and Human Resources Management Consulting

Please do not think only about business. When I say "Let's Do Business Joyfully", it is something quite general. The emphasis is more on JOYFULLY, and the Business can be our daily life. So, if you are a student, I hope and wish you enjoy your every day in the school and are having fun with your schoolmates. If you are an employee, you are being respected by your employer and admired by your friends. If you are a president, you are loved by your people. Of course, not the most nor the least, if you are a businessman, you are making a lot of money and you never have to cheat. You have a lot of US dollars or Chinese Yuan right under your pillow and still you can have sound sleep and beautiful dreams.

Now, let me show you around the site. If you understand Chinese, great, this site has a navigation map 培训导航, which also include contents in foreign languages. Actually, the major items in this site are indexed alphabetically here 网页索引. If you do not understand Chinese, learn it now by clicking this link: Chinese. It will give you a rough idea what Chinese is. I am sure you will not be able to speak Chinese after you have gone through these 12 pages. The introduction of the Chinese language is only a part of the introduction of China.

We provide 1) Training 2) Human Resources Management Consulting

Our approach: application of successful western fortune companies (世界500强) hr management practices in traditional Chinese cultural (传统文化) context.

If you have a training or hr management consulting need, please contact


翻译服务 培训、沟通技巧:有效沟通技巧,高效沟通技巧培训 国际贸易